Aurora at middle lattitudes
Aurora in Holwerd 7/15/12
Photo: Peter Elzinga
Aurora borealis or Northern lights occasionally are visible from middle lattitudes during a geomagnetic storm. Check this website for chances of seeing aurora. Much info on this website is clickable to see more detail! :)

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Wolf number: 193
Latest solar flare:
M2.4 - 12:16 UTC
Chance solar flare:
X: 25%     M: 70%

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Movie latest CME
X-ray 5 min and 1 min

Space Weather

Southern aurora border:  none  
Wing pKp (1 uur):  0.7  
Solar wind (ACE):  426 km/s  
Solar wind (SOHO):  419 km/s  
Density (ACE):  4 /cm3  
Density (SOHO):  5 /cm3  
Bz:  0 nT  
Log Electronflux (EPAM):  2.4  
Log protonflux (EPAM):  1.7